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This profound statement reflects the harmonious fusion of her musical and visual artistry, which has been a defining feature of her multifaceted career. It's a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend these two creative realms and create a truly distinctive artistic experience.

"I paint the way I sing, I sing the way I paint."


"Barbara is Cuban-German Contemporary painter known for her multilayered images that takes inspiration from new media, classic films, history, social media and her life.


Barbara, born in 1981 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, displayed extraordinary artistic talent from a young age, consistently winning local painting competitions between the ages of 10 and 17.

At 18, she embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to Germany in 2000. This bold move allowed her to expand her artistic horizons and provide support to her family in Cuba, despite the stark cultural contrast.

Barbara's artistic journey has been multifaceted, encompassing music production, composition, and figurative painting. She eloquently describes her creative process as a fusion of singing and painting, forging a unique artistic alignment.

One captivating aspect of Barbara's work is her conscious use of insomnia as a wellspring of inspiration, giving rise to dreamlike creations adorned with recurring symbols. These symbols transcend conventions and expectations, offering viewers a glimpse into parallel worlds and a realm of magic and fascination.

Her canvas has evolved to include unconventional materials such as discarded items, adding depth and
richness to her art. Barbara's creations are a portal to parallel worlds, inviting viewers to step beyond their comfort zones and explore the enchantment she captures in her work.

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Barbara's artistic journey is akin to the trail of breadcrumbs in Hansel and Gretel's tale, each crumb representing her boundless passion and creativity. Among these breadcrumbs lies her captivating video art, extending her creative reach.

Through her videos, Barbara invites you into immersive worlds shaped by her unique experiences and perspectives. These creations transcend conventional boundaries, offering a profound exploration of her artistic mind. This journey goes beyond the canvas, providing insight into her creative process and how insomnia has profoundly influenced her artistry.